More than likely, you’ve been in a location with weak cell service. Maybe you go through a dead zone every day when you commute to and from work. There’s even a chance that there are certain spots at your office building or home where a text just won’t go through. Or maybe you experience dropped calls more often than you would like.

Experiencing the lack of cell service that comes with dead zones can be frustrating. Whether you’re trying to make a call, send a text message, or Google something, you need a reliable signal.

That’s where cellular signal boosters come in.

How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work?

Cell boosters bring reliable cell service to dead zones in your home or office space. They are sometimes referred to as amplifiers or repeaters. These boosters are made of three components: an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and an interior antenna. The exterior antenna is located on the outside of your house or building so that it can send and receive signals from the nearby cell tower. The amplifier amplifies cell signals going between the cell tower and your cell phone. Finally, the interior antenna allows your cell phone to send and receive the amplified signals.

It’s important to know that cell signal boosters can only boost cell signals; they can’t create cell signals. So they work in areas that have very weak signals, but they won’t work in areas that receive absolutely no cell service. Some cellular service carriers offer free boosters for customers in certain areas; if you are experiencing consistently week signals, it’s worth calling your service provider and seeing what they’ll do for you.

If your service provider doesn’t help, contact us! We can help you decide if a signal booster makes sense for you, and what antennas are best for your situation. Our experienced technicians will find the solution that’s right for you, so you don’t have to deal with unreliable service and dropped calls anymore. Contact us today.