Audio Video

From multiple display video walls to a simple floating TV mounting with no visible cabling, Suite Office Systems can add a variety of impressive audio video solutions to your lobby, office, or conference room.

Suite Office Systems has over 25 years of experience installing audio video systems. We’re experts in getting complex projects done on time and on budget.

Video Conferencing

For Virtual Communication

In today’s world, video conferencing is essential to keeping your employees and customers in touch. Allow the team at Suite Office Systems to help you design a video conferencing ecosystem that gives you the freedom to create, manage, and scale your collaboration space exactly the way you want. No matter what your favorite video conferencing platform is, Suite Office Systems designs systems that play well with others.

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Digital Signage

To Make a Statement

Push your content to a single screen or thousands of screens with digital signage that demonstrates products and services in any public location. We proudly serve the following industries: hospitality, commercial offices, logistics and distribution facilities, healthcare centers, educational institutions, senior living centers, retail spaces, and churches.

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Sound Masking

For Offices & Schools

Tired of distracting noises in your office? Suite Office Systems can provide you with a sound masking system to block out unwanted phone ringing, text message alerts and conversations.

Sound masking reduces distractions and unnecessary stress in the workplace. Don’t lose your employees to their headphones when Suite Office Systems can install a white noise generator to create a comfortable level of silence that helps workers stay productive and focused.

White noise generators are commonly used in schools, open offices, hospitals, banks, and call centers. The sound contains a blend of audible frequencies that are equally distributed across all frequency bands. These frequencies provide a sound that masks or drowns out potential distracting noises.

If you’re in the process of building or renovating your office space, you can save money with sound masking. Sound masking systems require less insulation for office space, fewer walls, and less expensive sound-reducing floors and ceilings.

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The World Leader in Sound Masking

Reduce Errors & Boost Productivity

Research suggests that open offices with insufficient sound masking experience 27% more errors and a 40% loss in productivity. Sound masking can lower the stress load on employees, customers, or patients.

Noise can easily impede your productivity, make it difficult to have private conversations, and create an uncomfortable work environment. The optimal level of sound masking in an office space or other work facility can turn a distracting environment into a fully-functional space that’s comfortable for employees. We’re here to maximize comfort and minimize distractions in industry workspaces of all kinds.

Sound Masking

Benefits of a Comfortable Environment

Sound masking provides a comfortable middle ground between the eerily quiet library and the distractingly noisy restaurant. With the right sound masking system, your workspace becomes an environment that accommodates the dynamics of a place filled with workers and clientele of all kinds.

Every kind of work environment can benefit from sound masking. The more people moving around in a space and the closer they work together, the more vital it is to have a system that can promote concentration and maintain absolute comfort.

Boost productivity

Increase privacy

Decrease distractions

Sound Masking Services

For All Types of Spaces


Offices & Labs


Hospitals & Clinics


Schools & Libraries


Hotels, Resorts & Spas


Courtrooms & Firms


Firms & Call Centers


Stores & Car Dealerships

Event Venues

Churches & Arenas

Need Sound Masking?

Don’t Wait Another Day

Whether you’re in a corporate, retail, healthcare, or other kind of workspace, our expert engineers can craft a customized sound masking system to maximize comfort, privacy, and productivity. Let our professionals help you find a personalized solution that meets the unique needs of your workplace!

Paging & Public Address

Audio Systems

We support building wide or zone paging systems for public address and emergency response solutions by providing complete design, installation, and support services. Our specific services and solutions include:

  • Single and multi-zone paging systems
  • Loudspeakers, intercoms, and visual notifications

  • Education communication systems
  • Background and foreground music systems
  • Emergency response public address systems
  • IP-based mass notification systems
  • Blue light emergency telephones

Need Audio Video?

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For audio video systems that make an impression, contact Suite Office Systems.